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''Chesterfield Sound Off'' - 6 January 1952

Published 1952

Fred Allen was a huge hit on radio, but his TV career went over like a lead balloon, though he was a success on "What's My Line". This Chesterfield-sponsored series "Sound Off" alternated hosts between episodes. The other host (not seen here) was Bob Hope. The popularity of Bob and Fred didn't stop this show from being short-lived.

Run time 29:40
Production Company National Broadcasting Company
Audio/Visual sound, black and white


Reviewer: porterville - - August 24, 2014
Subject: Fred Allen on Television
This is a 62-year old program with good sound and average visual. Fred Allen had a difficult transition to television - his strength was the radio format. This will be of interest to those who have heard Fred Allen on radio. Dave Garroway is interviewed regarding his then new television program. The show was produced and directed by Ezra Stone, radio's "Henry Aldrich." Most of those in television in the very early 1950's were "making their way" from radio to television - a big unknown step for all of them.